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Dr. raquel Heskett

What is VetCAM² Oil?


VetCAM²  seeks to understand the therapeutic benefits that holistic based products may provide for our pets. Our goal is to provide safe, natural and affordable products that you can trust to give your companion when seeking alternative therapies. Our first product begins with an organic whole hemp-based extract mixed with olive oil for dogs and cats. 

· USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extract in Olive oil

· 500mg of phytocannabinoids in 30mls.

· contains less than 0.3% THC

· Made in USA

Q & A: 

Has the oil been tested for pesticides, solvents, and bacteria? 

- Yes, and we provide you with the safety analysis for via third party testing for every batch produced*

Why, should I choose VetCAM² Holistic Hemp Oil vs competitors? 

·-  Monitoring use and benefits collected through voluntary feedback will be analyzed to further understand the potential use of CBD products for pets as an alternative therapy

- Cost effective to ensure that you can provide your pet with safe products long term for maximal effect.

Why use organic olive oil? 

·-  We chose an organic olive oil because of the strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it contains and its margin of safety.  

What is the difference between a whole hemp plant extract and an isolate?

- An isolate only contains one part of the plant, usually cannabidiol (CBD) and a whole hemp plant extract contains various phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. 

What does supercritical CO² extraction mean and why is it important?

- This is the safest process used to extract hemp oil with the least amount of environmental impact and low toxicity versus other processing methods of extractions. Performing supercritical CO² extraction also allows the hemp oil to retain many of the terpenoids found in the whole hemp plant extract. 


Why do you provide a syringe and bottle adaptor? 

- The 1ml syringe provided along with the bottle adaptor allow for accurate and consistent administration of the oil vs. the traditional droppers.


How much oil should I give my pet? 

- Always use caution when using a new product on your pet “less is best and start low and go slow”. By providing a 1ml graduated syringe this allows you to monitor how your pet responds to VetCAM² oil.

What happens if my pet has a reaction?   

- To date the adverse reaction that has been noted is drowsiness, which is why it is best to “start low and go slow”. Every pet is different and bigger does not always mean more. It is not advised to start adding multiple changes to your pet’s regimen; i.e. if you are changing the diet start VetCAM² oil once your pet has transitioned over to the new diet. 

- Should they have any other adverse reaction please contact your veterinarian or nearest emergency clinic. Please contact us as well so that we can investigate potential issues as we stand by our product. 



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 Consultation with a veterinarian is always recommended when adding holistic products to your pet’s current therapeutic regimen.   

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